About The DAM Imagist

Images seat themselves in our consciousness created from IMAGINATION

Educated in traditional commercial photography with a career spanning over 30 years, I’ve been providing clients with images that far surpass just a picture — I create images that compel, inspire, communicate to, and involve the viewer. 

The digital age has changed everything,  just taking a picture is now faster though not necessarily easier; one thing will always hold true: artistry cannot be mechanized. I do enjoy using some of the greatest innovations the photographic industry has to offer like high-end digital photography because it creates the ideal situation for my clients — an artist equipped with the best tools that are the cutting edge of the craft creating evocative images that tap the imagination of the viewer. 

To merely use the tools is to be a photographer. To exploit the tools, to push the envelope, to bring artistry to the moment is to be an IMAGIST.

I Am An Imagist.

My love of photography began early and by high school I was fully immersed in the craft. However, I didn’t just hit the road with camera in tow. I learned everything about cameras, how they work, I even built my own medium and large format cameras in the style of the great photographers that helped develop the art. 

To understand the capabilities…and the limitations of my tools means that I am uniquely capable of pushing them to the farthest reaches of their utility. 

It’s my eye, my artistry, my dedication to communicating that takes my work from mere pictures to the category of iconic imagery.

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