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Even a little chainsaw STIHL has a big appetite!

The caption above  was the inspiration for creating this image.

The shoot was on location so I wanted minimal equipment; I used three canon 580 EX2 flashes powered by external power supplies called the “Black Box” that I find indispensable.

I also used Pocket Wizard TT5 remotes controlled by Pocket Wizard’s AC3 on top of the Pocket wizzard Mini TT1remote trigger.  Using this system, I can control each of the three Flashes/zones from the AC3 on top of the camera with a 6 stop range of adjustment for each flash and get hundreds of full power flashes from the Black Boxes. Additionally, light modifiers (diffusers, scrims, umbrellas, discs, and soft boxes) were used to create the image.

It all came together for a lean, mean set up and a DAM Great! Image.

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Previsualization with Multiple exposures, layers and masks.

Originally posted TUESDAY, JUNE 7, 2011


Just north of Jacksonville Florida. There is a little spot I have heard about for years.

Talbot Island and little Talbot Island. These two little Islands have lots of tranquil views that are like falling into dreams.

On Talbot Island there is a cliff with fallen trees right on the ocean.

A fantastic place to find that perfect image.

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Getting the shot no matter what it takes.

Originally posted May 2011

Aurora Building composite

Building an image for Aurora

Recently I was asked to shoot an outdoor architectural image I knew would be difficult for what they were asking for.


But I knew I could make it work by shooting multiple images and selectively merging them.
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One DAM Image, 5 Photos and 9 layers

Originally posted on old blog jan 2011

The day started out great with fantastic clouds and beautiful light. As the day progressed the typical summer storms started rolling in. We dodged storms throughout the afternoon and when it came time to the sunset shot it looked like hell. But I set out to the other side of the inlet to set up the shot determined to get something Great!

So, shooting with the mindset of taking parts of several images to create one final image was the task.
We started taking photographs about 45 minutes before sunset till about an hour after. I saw several photos that part of the image looked great and knew we could build a Image. We used the headlights on my truck and a 2 million watt Q beam (spotlight) to light up the boat, and mother nature did the rest.
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Creating a pre-visualized image. (What my mind saw)


In creating the image I had in mind, I would need several photographs. To really get what I wanted, it was not possible to shoot one image and have it come out the way I saw it in my mind. Timing, available crew, restaurant policies etc. played a part in how this image had to be created. I took five basic images I knew I would need: sky, pavement, car, car’s undercarriage and the horizon reflection in the body of the car. Along with a few adjustment layers (color balance and levels) I got the shot I pre-visualized. Continue reading »

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Welcome to the DAM Blog

Welcome to the Dam Blog of David A Monroe “The DAM Imagist”

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