How would you like to wake up to your weekly affirmation every morning with your iPhone’s alarm? In just 7 easy steps you can!*

Wake up to your affirmation of the week on your iPhone alarm in 7 easy steps.

Here’s how it’s done.

1) Use your I phone to record a message (your weekly affirmation) with that handy microphone recorder app that comes standard on your phone.
Once you’ve recorded it, click on the “Share” button to send it to yourself.

2) Open up your email on your computer and download your affirmations sound files.
Now rename each sound file: change the name and change the .m4a to .m4r at the end of each message name, this makes it into a ringtone.

3) Once that’s done, connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes (where you sync your phone and computer.) Drag the new ringtone files onto the Ringtone folder in the upper left corner of your iTunes.

4) Click on your phone under devices (on the left, middle of the page.)

5) At the top of the page towards the middle, click on the “Ringtone” button.

6) Now click on the “Apply/Sync” button (bottom right)

Your installed!!!!

7) Now that you have them installed you can open the Alarm Clock in the Clock app that comes standard on your phone and choose the “Edit” button upper left. To the right side of the time you want to wake up you will see an arrow pointing to the right; click on it and select the ringtone affirmation you want for that week under “Sound”. You numbered your sound files by week so that makes it easy to select which one you want for that week.

And there you have it!

Remember, when you are first waking up your subconscious mind is at its most impressionable, so put good info in there to start your day! Have a wonderful awakening.

*I’m guessing that other smartphones have a way to do this too.

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