DAM good solution for your flash battery isssues.

DAM Good Battery Pack for your on camera or remote flash.


Have you been searching for a power supply for your flashes?

Tired of flash failure and missing the shot because of AA batteries?

How about the flash getting too hot from those AA Batteries and shutting down?


Well, I have found a DAM Good Fix for your problems!

I too am fed up with these issues and many more that AA batteries bring on and was searching for a battery pack for my canon 580 EXII Flash systems.

A colleague told me about someone right here in my hometown that was producing these units and does the best to back things up with a common sense approach and over-engineering something that should be simple. Me likes that!!!!!!!

From what I can tell these units are a great deal — just $200 bucks delivered.  The abuse I put this thing through and time will tell the truth of this investment.

I’m also a fan of the concept solely on the benefit to the planet — think of the ecological impact of not having all these batteries sneak their way into the landfills!


• The power pack comes with two ports for your flash units and the cords can even be made longer if you wish up to 32 feet.
• You have to purchase the cords for your flash and have them drop shipped to him for retrofitting included in the price of the unit, but that is no        big deal.
•You can get 900 to 1000 full strobes out of these units and that is a DAM Good thing.


I plan on ordering another one shortly with extended cables so I can use them on more creative shoots.

Follow the link Below and tell then the DAM Imagist sent you.




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