The Strength of Belonging.

After years of doing business as a single person with no real communication with the rest of the photographic world (a typical photographer) I decided to get involved in an organization and mix with fellow photographers.


My choice, after lots of research to decide which one was right for me, was ASMP.



I not only joined the organization (the oldest and one of the most highly regarded photographic organization in the country) I took a board position and really got involved! This led to me being President and Vice President of the local chapter (one of 39), ASMP Central Florida.

Joining this group was probably the single most important thing I have done to build my career besides picking up a camera at an early age.  It has taught me so many thing about the business end of the craft that would have taken me another 20 years to figure out on my own.  It has also given me more inner strength through the communication with and acknowledgment from other photographers. Knowing that I am bigger than just me is heartening, and having the ability to contribute ideas easily within my industry has allowed me to grow and explore new ideas and the future of our industry.  I find that I have a greater sense of strength from my camaraderie with my peers.

After years of being involved, I now have a communication network around the entire country of professional photographers (now friends) that I can call upon to discuss matters of our industry; whether the topic is about a contract wording, pricing, usage, or equipment — I have a massive support network.

For years I worked as a  lone wolf, but now I really see the value of actively participating in a group.  I encourage you to do some research into the many organization out there and find at least one that works for your needs…and then join (and participate) so that you can develop that support team around yourself.

Take a moment and review some of the information within ASMP’s national site.

Business and Legal FAQ’s     Pricing Guides     Trade Mark     Copyright     Licensing

On just this one site, there is much more information to review; bookmark it and use it to build your business!









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