Getting the shot no matter what it takes.

Originally posted May 2011

Aurora Building composite

Building an image for Aurora

Recently I was asked to shoot an outdoor architectural image I knew would be difficult for what they were asking for.


But I knew I could make it work by shooting multiple images and selectively merging them.

I started early in the morning 5:30 AM before sun up and worked with the engineers to find the correct lights to turn on and off for the correct base exposure.

First we will start with an image of the blue lights since this is what this company does.


The next step is to add a layer mask to blend the correct exposure on the foreground foliage

Here is the mask.

What it looks like applied


The next step is to build a layer for the sky to show the sunrise as the client requested.

Here is the mask


This is what it looks like


To finish it up we need to put the reflection of the sunrise in windows.

Make a few more adjustments as requested by the client, skew the image and

we’re done!


I like the sky in the previous image but the client wanted this sky.

Always provide what the client wants!

You should show him some other options as well so he can make that educated decision.

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