One DAM Image, 5 Photos and 9 layers

Originally posted on old blog jan 2011

The day started out great with fantastic clouds and beautiful light. As the day progressed the typical summer storms started rolling in. We dodged storms throughout the afternoon and when it came time to the sunset shot it looked like hell. But I set out to the other side of the inlet to set up the shot determined to get something Great!

So, shooting with the mindset of taking parts of several images to create one final image was the task.
We started taking photographs about 45 minutes before sunset till about an hour after. I saw several photos that part of the image looked great and knew we could build a Image. We used the headlights on my truck and a 2 million watt Q beam (spotlight) to light up the boat, and mother nature did the rest.



The sky, house, water and boat each have several layers to create this image. Lets start  out with the base Photograph and build that up to the final image.

Here we go!

Base Photograph mainly used for the house, lights and foliage.


Layer 1  A mask at 30 % to lighten up the boat a bit.


layer 2
Another mask, the boat windows showing some details from the lights inside



Layer 3 Reflections of the house lights later in the evening


Layer 4 to deepen the reflection in the foreground


Layer 5 Water texture and density


Layer 6 Adding a dynamic sky



Layer 7 color adjustment to the water and reflection builder


Layer 8  Sky color and density adjustment


Layer 9  A final light reflection enhancement



A curves adjustment was made for the final image to build contrast.

I hope this inspires each of you to not give up when mother nature throws you a curve ball.



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